Safety Reporting

FCA Safety exists to provide direct oversight of the recognition, analysis, and mitigation of safety risks related to the daily operation of the corporate aircraft fleet, as well as the corporate aviation facilities. Our goal, through safety reporting, is to identify issues, or trends, and discover any root cause(s) and work to develop actions that will eliminate, or reduce those items, as much as possible.

As a Stage III IS-BAO registered flight department, we are committed to continual improvement.Therefore, we have implemented the use of WBAT (Web Based Application Tool) for our safety system reporting.

WBAT includes the functions available in the original safety reporting system, while greatly expanding the capabilities, and ease of use. The first phase of implementation will provide the forms for completing and submitting Flight Safety Reports (FSR), Ground Safety Reports (GSR), and Flight Risk Assessments (FRA). The FSR remains the form to be used for submitting reports required per the FCA Flight Operations Manual (FOM), and includes an expanded list of reportable safety issue events as well.

The second phase will provide digital capabilities not previously used at FCA. These include, but will not be limited to online access to FCIFs, Internal audits, Vendor audits, OBS ride reports, and much more.